Wishpond: Go “free forever” to shake up marketing automation



Marketing automation software penetration is still on the wrong side of “woeful.”

Even if you reduce the total marketplace to B2B organizations alone — those that are more likely to use a marketing automation platform (MAP) —

Although mobile-first marketing is the “chant du jour,” over 70 percent of purchases are still made on desktop, with mobile used as a research device. And as Twitter’s Sid Patil told us at GrowthBeat 2015, cross-device users are eight times more likely to make an offline purchase — they’re more informed, more engaged, and more likely to follow through. This applies to B2B customers too, where those that research your products on the move have a higher intent to purchase later.

“You are right that the end purchase itself will generally occur on desktop,” Tajsekandar said. “The mobile device is definitely the place where a larger portion of the top and middle of funnel interaction is taking place. Customers expect a great brand experience no matter what device they’re on. This is why Wishpond’s mobile-responsive landing page builder has been such a focal point for our platform. Its flexibility allows marketers to create any kind of promotional campaign experience they need in minutes.”

Triggered communications are built using another slick designer that allows the user to create workflows based on specific conditions, such as when a prospect views a certain web page or email. In fact, the workflow builder is as extensive as the landing page builder, offering full control over when to fire off communications to those that meet the conditions.


While Wishpond might not provide everything its competitors do in an apples-to-apples comparison with the rest of the MAP galaxy, it offers features that most businesses will find relevant and useful, and certainly enough of the expected benefits to be considered a full MAP solution. Landing pages, A/B split testing, responsive design, personalized email marketing, drip campaigns, website popups, social promotions, forms, analytics, lead scoring, visitor tracking, and CRM integration are all included.

Whether Wishpond manages to upset the status quo is yet to be seen, but with an entry fee of zero dollars, and a full feature set that will handle most small to medium-size business needs, it is certainly giving itself the best chance of doing so.

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