Bluecore launches email targeting feature to make marketers’ lives easier

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Above: The new Live Segments tool in Bluecore

Image Credit: Bluecore

Bluecore captures behavioral data on a site through JavaScript tags on its pages, and now it also page-scrapes the text to capture the product info.

Mohamood also noted that Live Segments allows a marketer to create segmented campaigns for registered users who haven’t been on the site in a year, or lookalike matches on a completely new email list, instead of only for recent visitors. It can employ behaviors and product info from a desktop or mobile web site, or, via an API, from an app.

“Depending on the questions you might ask,” he said, the segmentation can be prepared in anywhere from a few hours to a day.

Many other marketing platforms say they can segment and email-target website visitors, but Mohamood said the key differences are time and ease-of-use.

Adobe and other legacy systems, he said, “don’t offer [this] in one system without integration.” He added that it would take much longer to segment something like “people who looked at black shoes under $50.”

“A lot of legacy platforms were not built to handle this data,” he said.

Bluecore plans to add the capability to build custom queries that aren’t handled by the pulldowns, but you might have to ring up the IT people to help with that.

Live Segments has been tested with three clients over the last two months, Mohamood said, and has reduced the number of batch emails sent out by 50 percent because of better targeting. The company reports that the new feature has also delivered revenue-per-email that was three to four times higher than normal.

Bluecore said its client base, which includes Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Staples, and Cabela’s, has grown from 70 to 150 brands in the last eight months.

In a recent VB Insight report, “Buyer’s Guide: How to navigate the email marketing landscape,” author Jon Cifuentes wrote about Bluecore: “They’ve only been in market for 14 months, but early feedback is extremely positive, and they’re on an upward trajectory.”

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Via:: VentureBeat