Google cracks down on ad injectors after receiving 300k complaints from Chrome users this year

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Google says it is taking steps to help advertisers and publishers avoid the unwanted ad injectors that have been annoying everyone. It has

Since 2015, Google has received nearly 300,000 complaints from users that have encountered ad injectors within the Chrome browser.

As Google notes, ad injectors are extremely problematic for both advertisers and publishers. With the former, they may not be aware that their marketing dollars and hard work is being hijacked by unknown parties — advertisers are basically giving these programs free space. And publishers are placed in a precarious situation of being unwilling conduits for potentially distributing spam or malware through these ads.

So the technology company is cracking down on these perpetrators and it’s starting with DoubleClick Bid Manager. This new filter will scan its inventory to detect any ad injection and, if detected, will add it to a blacklist preventing its system from bidding on the injected inventory. In doing so, advertisers won’t have to waste their money.

Although Google says it has already blacklisted 1.4 percent of the inventory that’s accessed by DoubleClick Bid Manager across all the exchanges, the exact percentage will vary based on provider.

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Via:: VentureBeat