Facebook has now gone down three times this month

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At about 12:00 p.m. PST today (3:00 p.m. EST), Facebook went down. This is the third time the social network has gone down this month.

VB staff from across the world confirmed they either couldn’t reach the social network, or it was incredibly slow. The generic “Service Unavailable” and “Sorry, something went wrong.” errors showed up, as did another generic “Page not found” message.

It’s always news when Facebook goes down, because the service is so incredibly reliable. But three times in the span of 11 days? That’s unprecedented.

To be clear, as I write this article, Facebook is accessible for some, but is failing for others. If it does load, it’s incredibly slow or doesn’t load the page completely.

The first outage lasted an average of five minutes for most users. The second one took about 10 minutes to fix. Today’s outage appears to be the longest, though there are periods where it appears the site is working again.

Most importantly, Facebook is still refusing requests for an explanation. Both on September 17 and September 24 we asked the company what had caused both those outages. We sent out a request today as well, though at this rate, we’re not expecting a reply.

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Via:: VentureBeat